How Often Replace Bushings?

Bushings don’t have a fixed frequency of replacement. Car bushings are made of Rubber, POM, Polyurethane…. Normally, it’s a naturally expiration. But high strength tensile , impact and chemicals contact cause bushings expiration. The frequency of bushings replacement depends largely on driving conditions and style.

What is the best material for bushings?

Bushings are made of POM, Polyurethane, UHMW, PEEK, Steel, Bronze, Iron, Nylon…. What is the best material for bushing? Actually it depends on the bushings type and use environment. No matter what kind of material you choice, the bushings should protect the components from damage. For UTV suspension control arm, UHMW bushing is a best choice. It’s low-wear, self-lubricating, long-lasting that maintain good performance in high-intensity driving conditions.


How To Choose A Right Type of Rod Ends Bearing?

A rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint (N. America) or rose joint (U.K. and elsewhere), is a mechanical articulating joint. The rod ends bearing’s advantage is that the ball insert permits the rod or bolt passing through it to be misaligned to a limited degree (an angle other than 90 degrees).

Here let’s talk about how to find a right rod ends?

By structure

  1. Loader Slot Rod Ends  This rod ends provides misalignment and high load capacity. The Spherical ball can be removed and replaced. The Load Slot Rod Ends with high load carrying capacity and abrasion resistance.
  1. 2-piece Rod Ends    This rod end includes body and ball. It is used for light duty applications. They can be used on suspension system but will wear and replacement quicker than other types of rod ends.
  1. 3-piece Rod Ends    3-piece rod ends with body and liner and ball. It is an excellent choice for suspension parts. With alloy steel race and PTFE Liner, it is quieter and smoother than other standard rod ends.

By material

  1. Chrome Moly Steel Rod Ends     The chrome moly steel rod ends housing is made of heat treated 4130 chromoly steel. 52100 bearing steel for ball and with PTFE Liner. It is an excellent choice as a racing suspension parts and other high load application.
  1. Aluminum Rod Ends      The Aluminum rod ends bearing is for medium duty applications. Its housing is made of heat treated aluminum, which is lightweight and good for motorsports. The injection molded race with PTFE liner provides self lubrication and reduces friction. A low friction rod ends can be got greatly extended their service life.

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