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High Quality Parts for Steel Guitar

quick release ball joint for pedal and custom cnc machining parts for steel guitar

CNC Machining Foot Pedal

Customized pedals according to your design, professional CNC processing technology brings a perfect experience while also showing the exquisite details of your brand.

steel guitar knee levers kit

Customized Knee Levers

Custom knee levers crafted to specification, offering versatility and precision control for pedal steel guitarists seeking optimal playing dynamics.

custom cnc machined steel guitar socket and legs

Steel Guitar Leg and Socket

Follow you request to customized legs and sockets of steel guitar, the high quality to enhance stability and functionality.

4-quick release ball joint for pedal

Quick Released Ball Joint

The indispensable quick-release ball joint integrates seamlessly into the instrument setup, making the entire installation and removal quick and easy.

5-custom cnc pedal

Your Own CNC Machining Parts

No matter what CNC machining needs you have, we can customize corresponding solutions for you, help you turn products from drawings into physical objects, and create your unique steel guitar CNC parts for you.

6-custom cnc machining

Quality and Price

Our commitment to precision and quality ensures reliable performance, and our competitive pricing makes our products attractive to anyone who manufactures steel guitars.

Experienced Manufacturer

Experienced CNC machining manufacturer offering precision solutions for customized steel guitar parts and accessories.


Premium Materials

We provide CNC machining using premium materials such as aluminum, chromoly, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and offer customized solutions.


High Quality

High-precision CNC machining, delivering accurate and intricate parts with meticulous attention to detail for superior performance.


Great Price

Competitive pricing for top-quality CNC machining services, ensuring affordability without compromising on precision and performance.

Professional Support

24/7 customer support for prompt assistance and guidance, ensuring smooth communication and satisfaction throughout your order process.

Fast Delivery

Swift delivery of all products, ensuring timely completion of projects and meeting your urgent manufacturing needs.


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