Drag Link refers to the connecting rod in the steering linkage, which converts the rotation of a Pitman arm into the steering arm, and finally into the tie rod links. The drag link converts the sweep arc of the steering arm into linear motion on the plane of other steering links.

Typically, one end of the drag link is connected to the steering wheel through the Pitman arm and the steering gear box (providing a connection between the driver and the steering system); the other end is connected to the steering linkage through the steering arm. The Pitman arm is the main part of the system.

The other steering mechanism is rack and pinion, which is a three-bar mechanism that removes the drag link by move the centre link directly.
“The drag link connects the pit man arm to the steering arm or, in some applications, to the tie rod assembly. Unlike the central link, the drag link is not connected to the idler arm and is not connected tie rod ends. In some applications, the drag link swings from the front to the rear of the vehicle. In these applications, the drag link is connected to the steering arm located on the wheel. In some Jeep applications, the drag link will swing from right to left on the vehicle and connect to the steering arm on the steering wheel. Drag Links can be either integral or adjustable. Many Drag Links have replaceable or rebuildable ends.

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