scm-m female rod ends

The use of female rod ends/heim joints will allow the user to make precise changes to key parts of the fixtures. An example of the need for fine adjustment is in the helicopter’s adjustment of the blades. When using an adjustment, the key is to ensure that it is in the correct position, otherwise excessive wear will occur. If spacing is critical, female rod ends/heim joints are able to be threaded on, instead of welding inserts to the shaft. When dealing with aluminium shafts, the easiest way to use heim joints is to use the female heim joints. One example is using robots in robotics competitions. Light weight is a key factors when building competitive robots, so using aluminum rods and female heim joints can be key. Another example using female heim joints is the shifter of motorcycles. The shifting mechanism allows forces to be applied linear, but still be able to work at angles when in different gears. Both male and female heim joints require the use of a lock nut after getting adjustment to correct specification needed.