what are johnny joints

Johnny joint is a rebuildable flex Joints, it can be welded on the upper axle bracket as a fixed housing or be a threaded part of adjustment arm.  Johnny joint consist of metal threaded housing, washer, bushing, ball assy and snap ring. The housing has a snap ring groove and a hole for a grease zerk.

johnny joints

SYZ Machine johnny joints are available in male thread and weldable sleeve. The housing is forged and then precision machined from 4130 heat treated chromoly steel. Different inner configurations are available. For instance, to use a threaded spanner nut and set screw for stronger hold and adjustable tightness; or instead of a trunnion set up, we use standard steel balls and different spacers, making it esier to use them on all different kinds of applications!

Special sizes and configurations are available in volume, send us an email with your design and we could build it for you.

Our Regular Size:

johnny joint dimension