When Rod End Bearings (heim joints) failed to reach their expected life or performance level, there will be profound and long-lasting consequences. The following are main reasons of Bearing Failure.

  • The entrance of dirt and other objects into the rod end bearings will cause contamination failure. Scratches, pits and lapping of the race ways are often the results of it.
  • If the grease in your rod end bearing has strange color. Or it’s stiff and caked. This indicates that the rod end may have lubrication failure. Usually, the original color of grease will turn to dark or black with the time passing.
  • The ball will have a wide roller path because of misalignment. However, if the misalignment rod ends fails, it will result in the rising of temperature. And in the end, destroy the lubricant.
  • Transportation damage. Excessive vibration, speed, wear and blockage are often the cause of transportation damage.
  • The install and uninstall of rod end bearings often trigger the raceway damage. Hammer Blows can also cause the brinelling.


In the following days I will update an article to help you understand why a rod end baring prematurely failed and what actions you should take. Contact a Bearing Specialist with your questions.

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