As we are driving down the road, maybe our car wants to pull to one side and we correct it. Say it’s pulling to the right, we turn it to the left. Now it pulls to the left and then we have to correct it and it goes back to the right. So you’re going down the road just see-sawing back and forth. And no matter what you do the steering wheel never really returns to Center.

You have to find Center and you have to hold it there. Or else it will be off-center all the time. Now what that is in most cases is a bad ball joint. What happens here is that dirt gets down inside the ball joint and it causes the ball and socket to seize up internally. They become rough and you can’t turn the ball joint.

Now if a technician was checking this car. Well, they look for loose ball joints but they may not look for seized ball joints. How do they check for a seized ball joint? Well, there are front-end machine and turntables for the wheels. If the ball joints are good the wheel should turn very easily by hand on the turntables. And if the wheel binds was hard to turn then you suspect that it has bad ball joints.

Don’t overlook that part of it, Ball joints aren’t always too loose. We are seeing more and more of this that they are too tight. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at


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