SYZ Rebuildable Joint

Re-buildable Rod End. Re-buildable rod end gives you adjustment in the suspension thanks to the threaded shank. It is to articulate because the stainless steel inner ball is hourglass-shaped designed to let the suspension move. There are two Delrin sliders inside that if they ever worn out. You can disassemble the joint and replace them. Those Delrin sliders are there to lubricate the bushing and to eliminate some vibration before it can transmit up into the passenger compartment.

SYZ Heim Joint

Heim Joint. if you’re talking about a hardcore Throwdown to buggy. You’re definitely going to be looking at some type of rod end or heim joint. They are incredibly strong. Made of chromoly steel, fully adjustable and has a stainless steel ball inside that abrogated by a Teflon liner. Engineers designed it for maximum amount of articulation and maximum amount of abuse. The downfall to the rod joint is you will feel all the vibration in the suspension up into the passenger compartment. Not an issue for a to buggy but for something you’re going to drive every day, that can become quite annoying.

Conclusions: If you’re driving it on the street you go for a re-buildable rod end, if you’re hitting hills on the weekend you go for a hardcore heim joint.

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