• Bushings:

    Say you have a link suspension like on a Jeep Wrangler TJ or JK or on the back of a Toyota 4runner or those new dodge trucks. A lot of the linked suspensions are basically a bar and then at the end it has some sort of joint that has to flex. Most of the OEMs will use a basic bushing which is like you have the metal link and there’s a tube. And then at the end of it there’s some sort of rubber or polyurethane or flexible bushing and then a metal tube in the middle of that. So you run a bolt through that into a bracket and that works as your suspension joint. It doesn’t move a lot. It doesn’t transmit much a whole lot of noise from the road to the vehicle. Most late model vehicles are more concerned with noise reduction than a lot of flex, so a lot of them will have some sort of bushing.

    SYZ Suspension Bushings
  • Jonny Joint:

    Jonny Joint is a piece of tubing which has some bushings inside. But inside that bushing is a ball. And the ball has some little legs sticking out the end and a bolt will run through that. This is a great kind of middle-of-the-road joint. Because it’s between a bushing and the high-end heim joint or rod end. When I say when I say middle of the road that doesn’t mean that they’re not really good. They can take a lot of abuse. They’re not as kind of prone to transmitting shock loads there’s a little bit of cushion in there. So this is a good opportunity especially if you’re doing your first custom suspension, you might want to look into a flex joint or Jonny joint.

    SYZ Rebuildable Joint


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