Rod end bearing is an indispensable part of many mechanical equipment. It can be used in various fields from medical devices and packaging to automobiles and office technology. As a professional rod end bearing manufacturer, SYZ Machine is committed to providing high quality products to consumers from all over the world.

In machinery industry,  bearings are extremely important. It enables the machine to move at an extremely high speed, and it help the machine to carry heavy loads. In the automotive industry, rod end bearings are an integral part of steering, suspension, stabilizer and wheel mechanism. The cooperation of spherical plain bearings, tie rods and rod ends plays a major role when the car is moving. In SYZ Machine, you can enjoy product customization services to meet the special requirements of yours.

If you have unique requirements and you are looking for the most suitable rod end bearings, SYZ Machine is the place. We can provide one-stop service from product design, mold manufacturing to freight transport, which will make your job a lot easier. The distinctive design of SYZ Machine enables rod end bearings to perform with a low friction, which has greatly extended their service life.

SYZ Machine choose different materials for rod ends to match different applications. At present, there are mainly plastic, steel, aluminum and ceramic materials on the market. The structure and characteristics of rod end bearings can be different because of their materials, but their essential parts are still the same, which include a cage, an outer race, an inner race, and the ball. Stainless steel rod end bearing have been the most popular and most used bearings for a long time. The steel SYZ Machine choose from China can carry extremely high loads, and at the same time, the cost is relatively low.

Looking for high quality rod ends in a fair price? SYZ Machine is your best choice.

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