Applications of Rod End Bearings

Rod end bearings are used at the end of cylinders, linkages, rods and shafts to enable rotations between connecting parts. They generally consist of a spherical inner ring and a hole for mounting shafts.



Rod end bearings are widely used in aerospace, agricultural machinery, automotive, military, automation equipment and many other fields. Most rod ends bearings have been special treated in ways like surface phosphating, galvanizing, chromium plating, padding, spraying and so on, so they have great load capacity and impact resistance ability. Rod end bearings can work properly even if the installation is not correct.



Load capacity and maximum rotation angle are the two most important indexes of rod end bearings. In most cases, the motion of rod end joint bearings is symmetrical, and the maximum angular misalignment is half of the total side-to-side range.



Metallic materials are made of brass, bronze, iron or steel, usually coated with zinc or chromium. Non-metallic products include plastic, nylon, or teflon.



Rod end bearings are connected to the rod and shaft through their external or internal threads. Right-handed threads are the most commonly used thread type for clockwise tightening. Left-handed threads are tightened in a counterclockwise direction and must match the connecting parts .

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